The Funniest Haitian-English words, that they get completely wrong... Every single time!!!

I know all of us Haitians out there in the US or where ever, have some family or friends that completely mess up the way some words are supposed to sound like. So here is a list of some of the ones I find completely hilarious lol... Feel free to add your own and to comment. Enjoy!!

Top Model = Tap Mado
Wire = Waya
Bagel = Bego
Mc Donald's = Mek Dano
Birthday = Bef day
I'm good = Am goud
Take it easy = Tekelizi 
Hot dog = Oldog 
Part Time = Paktam
The = De 
Friend = Fwenn
Shut up = Shad dap
Dread = Jed 
Help me = Ep me
Crazy = Kwazy
First of All = Fest a bol
That's bullshit man = Dats bu shet men
Sugar = Shouga
Party = Padi
Brother = Blodeu
Home = Om
Tired = Tayet
Truck = Jeep
Heart Attack = Had atak
I don't want it = I no won et 

Ok... You can add some more :) Lool


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  1. Who is it? = Wizit
    What are you sayin or what do you say = wachusé
    That's it =dat set