Tu connais Mario Fontaine? - An interview with the brain behind the Zuzu video.

Everyone is talking about the new YouTube video which has gone viral in our community. "Sh*T Zuzu Girls Say" with a bit more than 51,000 views in 4 days. Someone (not Mario by the way) even created a twitter account! and I even know some producers working on a music remix lol

So you know I had to reach out and interview the man himself, Mario Fontaine.

Here are his answers. Enjoy and leave your comments!!

Power Surge: What up Mario?!! Thanks for taking the time to be here with us on the blog. I know you’re busy doing videos and all lol First and foremost, let me congratulate you on the success of your latest video going viral. You did an incredible job!

Now lets, get right into it.

Tell us a bit about you Mario and your background.

Mario F. : I'm Haitian as you all know I grew up in Germany as a child then in my teens went to haiti and now have been living in NYC for 5 years.

Power Surge: How did you come up with this incredible idea for the video?

  Mario F. : I loved the Video Franchesca Ramsey did and wanted to do something familiar for the Haitian community because it had such positive answers to it.

Power Surge: Are you planning on doing any other ones?
  Mario F. : Yes I will plan on satisfying my fans with some more shit series

Power Surge
: Apparently there’s a video response from a zuzu girl, how do you feel about that?
  Mario F. :  don't think it was an answer an answer would be more like a girl doing sh*t Haitian Zuzu boys say.

Power Surge: Do you plan on doing any live performances?
 Mario F. : I love doing stand up I've been working on stuff you will definitely here about it.

Power Surge: Where can we see more of your work?
 Mario F. : I have unfortunately not done much for the Haitian community but you can find my resume on IMBD

Power Surge
: Do you know Marcha Anglade?

 Mario F. : Marsha Anglade is my cousin/Sister when I came to haiti from Germany she was the sister I never had and I was the brother she needed we're more than close she's my family and has always supported me and has been on my side in a lot of difficult moments as well I love her same goes for Gaetane Augustin.
Power Surge: Do you have any final words...?
 Mario F. : Thanks Power Surge for the opportunity to let people know more about me through your blog and feel free to contact me anytime if you need more and when you see more of the shit series surging on YouTube.

Power Surge : Thank you Mario for your time! I know I'm looking forward to other videos from you. Be blessed and keep us posted with any upcoming shows!! 


  1. Good job Power Surge, i love your blog and that was a fun interview..SP aka Mom :-)

  2. tu connais Mario Fontaine? c le cousin de ma cousine du cote de mon papa et qui c marie avec la cousine de ma mere... enfin bref

  3. yo mario you did good job keep it up

  4. Wow, le petit tonton est comme like wow! Good job on the interview Power Surge!

  5. Great Job Mario and Power Surge!!Keep it up guys!!!Btw Je trouve que Mario Fontaine est bien Cute,Comme si WOW!!!!!