JAHFE's new single "MIAMI VICE" & An interview with their singer ESTHER!

Jahfe is a band based out of Miami, Fl playing a heavy yet smooth fusion of roots reggae with rocking dub-hop. Representing the power of the youth and the wisdom of roots culture, the music of Jahfe not only reflects the city’s diverse music scene but also the true ability of conscious music to connect to people of all backgrounds. Band members represent a diverse international background of home countries and cultural roots- Haiti to Spain, Israel to Cuba, Czech Republic to Morocco to all over the US.
Today we have the immense pleasure and opportunity to interview their lead singer, Esther, who happens to be Haitian! 



Hey Esther!!! Welcome to my blog! I hear so much good things about Jahfe, I just had to do an interview with you guys, especially now that you guys released a new single, "Miami Vice" powered by Inner Circle.

Can you tell the readers a little about the story behind the famous band Jahfe? How old is the band? How did you guys start?

-       Wow, Well first off thank you for this interview Power Surge! It's a great pleasure for me to be here with you. Jahfe is an instrument of life, and we are here to bring a powerful message in great melodic form. Jahfe is all about the message so really it's been around since the beginning of time. This current band has been around for over 5 years. It all started with a fire to change the mind. Sasha's belief's and Esther's melodies in a backyard in Miami.

How did the project with Inner Circle come about? (Inner Circle is the band who made the popular song "Bad Boys" featured in the TV Show "COPS" and also the "Bad Boys" movies by Will Smith & Martin Lawrence)

-       Inner Circle is based in Miami. And they have been watching how the reggae movement is strong in other states. They wanted to bring the Reggae Wave to Miami. So about a year ago they contacted 8 Miami Reggae Bands and we started recording 2 songs each for the album.

What are Jahfe's plans for the year 2012?

-       Jahfe's plans are Jah's plans. We want to push forward with the movement. The album Third Eye is reaching completion and there will be some great videos for the Solution album. We don't see limits, so traveling is of course in the plans.

What is your most memorable moment with Jahfe?

-       I can't say that there is a moment. I would rather call it a period. My memorable period in the lifespan of Jahfe thus far is when we were working on the album, The Solution. There was a vibe, an energy in the air, such a Brotherhood and Sisterhood among us that could not be messed with and that is the time when our sound took it's shape. We were so hungry, still are... but let's just say we were close to starvation at that point. And God knew that we were all in it and he blessed us immensely.

I know you are Haitian and there is at least one more member of the group who is Haitian, how did the earthquake affect you guys? Personally and musically...

-       The Earthquake. Personally, Sasha lost some family members. Musically, well in July of 2009 Jahfe released the album, The Solution which contained the song Crying Blood written by Sasha. The song basically depicts exactly what happened on Jan 12th 2010. So for Jahfe, it was revelation time. The prophecy must be told. Many people are not aware of this, but one day the world will know Jah's message.

How do you feel about where Haiti is right now 2 years after the incident and what is your dream for Haiti?

-       Honestly, I leave it all up to God. Haiti means Zion - Higher Ground many folks don't know that. The first will be the last and the last will be the first. Haitians need to know that Haiti is a chosen land, and they are a chosen people. How many places you hear people come back from the dead by zombification? How many nations defeated their conqueror when their conqueror was at its highest power? I can go on forever, but until Haiti realizes it's true meaning in this world, there will be no real change.

Now tell us a bit more about Esther... Were you in a band before Jahfe or is this your first musical experience?

-       Esther: simple girl. living for this work that i am doing.
I was not in a band before Jahfe.

I was hanging out with you in Haiti in December and also in Miami a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest, to me, you seem to be more of a leader than just a regular artist who just sings when they are on stage. Do you see yourself doing anything other than just singing in Jahfe? Maybe an executive role?

-       I have an executive role in Jahfe. At this point Jahfe is the way. Jah meaning God, Fe meaning to do. Creator. There is no greater job than to work for the TOP BOSS himself, GOD.

Is there someone special in the life of Esther? perhaps a number fan lol

-       My pen is my best friend, my lover, my guide and my fan....

Do you have any last words...

- Last words: You can forget me or Jahfe, but please don't forget GOD (the greatest author)

Thank you Esther for your time! I know you are very busy with Jahfe! I know everything will work out perfectly for you guys and I am looking forward to hearing more of your work!

Thank you Power Surge... Hope you all enjoy the new single Miami Vice. The Solution is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CD Baby, Rhapsody and more... Just google us!

Here is Jahfe's new single "Miami Vice" from the Inner Circle project! Check it out!  

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  1. i met them few time ago during my 3months experience in Miami.
    They are fantastic. I immediately fell in love for them! they have a power and their music is powerful.
    I can't wait to see them again!! in the meanwhile i can "only" get emotions by their album.. Come to Italy!!!!!!!

    ps: a strong hug to Sha, love always!