WAVE MASTER STUDIO - One of Haiti's most famous recording studios


Wave Master Studio is the most famous recording studio in Haiti right now. The studio has been serving the Music Industry in Haiti for more than 5 years. Operated by one of the most popular and respected producers in the Haitian Music Industry, Ti Ansyto (Kreyol La), the studio has seen a variety of artist's ranging from T Vice, to FreeDom, to MikaBen (Nap Kitel Pou Yo), to Power Surge (Ou Pa Konn Saw Vle, Vinn Jwenn Mwen, Nap Kitel Pou Yo, and more...) , and just everybody who is somebody in the industry. Most of Rap Kreyol recordings are done there and having Ti Ansyto as the head of the studio, you know your music and sounds will be nothing but the best sounding stuff out there. 

Check out their website by clicking on the pictures above. If you are ever in need of recording, I definitely give my stamp of awesomeness approval to this studio. 

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