So you know I had to have a blog about food Lol Here is a list of Haitian foods and drinks I can never find in the states...

Baignet - The ones they do for Carnaval season... hmmmmm

Pate Kode - How the hell is there nobody in the states who make good pate kode? Is the taste really about the dirt on the roads in Haiti???

Quenepe Klerin - Yall know what i'm talking about. That bottle of liquor that has the quenepes sitting in there for weeks!! Lol

Jus Corosol - Does Corosol only grow in Haiti???

Tamarin - I don't even know where to start looking for those in the US

Sapotille - I hope that's how they spell it. I use to eat them on a daily, straight from the tree at my house in Haiti.

Cachiman - Oh boy... A good glass of jus cachiman after eating dinner... Hmmmmm

I know there are some more out there. I can picture them in my head but i don't remember the names lol If you guys know where i can find them, please let me know. Feel free to share other foods, fruits and dishes you miss about home too.

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