Hardest decisions to make

Ok... So my roommate and I were talking and we started asking ourselves some of the most craziest questions, and I decided to post some up on here to see what you guys thought.

1) If they held you hostage and told you they were gonna get rid of your eyes or your penis, which one would you pick?

2) Ladies, lose your vagina or your eyes?

3) Would you prefer a girl (guy) with no arms? Or no legs?

4) Guys, have sex with a girl with a deep Barry White voice? Or with a mustache?

5) Would you rather have an excellent relationship with terrible sex? Or a horrible relationship with incredible sex?

6) Would you rather find TRUE love? Or $30,000,000?

7) Would you rather be blind or deaf?

8) Would you rather lose your keys? Or your cell phone?

9) Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?

10)  Would you rather lose all the hair on your body? Or be very very very hairy all over?

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